Hello all, I know, it’s been much too long with no new posts. This post is to announce that as of now my blog will be found on Tumblr, and on my new website. Having this blog integrate into the website was going to be more problematic with WordPress, hence the change.

Thank you to those who have followed this blog! I have been too infrequent with my posts. I promise (really!) to post much more frequently at the new location. To that end, I am going to make it much more interesting for myself (and therefore, hopefully, much more interesting for you as well)… not only will I be posting about news and new work, but will also post about my influences: other photographer’s great work with which I’ve become familiar, film, music, quotes, what’s going on with my painting work… in short, whatever is on my mind and getting my creative juices flowing at the moment.

Thanks for looking, please follow at the new location and check back often, and let me know your thoughts!

Here’s one parting image recently shot in the Everglades. Visit the new blog for a full post…