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Wow, do I ever have a lot of catching up to do with this blog! As stated below, I’ve moved everything related to The Nashville Songwriter to its own site, so this blog will now be about other people, other photo projects.

This first installation includes some pics from a shoot I did back in May with Josephine and her friend Maggie. They were great fun and very spontaneous and relaxed. After all, it was the beginning of summer and what better time for your kids to laugh, have fun and hang out at your house with their friends?

As you’ll notice, teens can be incredibly silly one minute and very serious the next. But that’s what makes them so easy to photograph. They’re naturals.

After Maggie’s mom picked her up for an outing with the grandparents, Josephine decided it was time to raid her mom’s shoe closet and dress up for a more sophisticated shoot. Not too long ago, she did the very same thing, only this time, her mom’s shoes actually fit.

But some things never change, no matter what the age. Girls just want to have fun!

While you’re looking ahead to your children’s future or back to a time when they were younger, remember to capture them in the everyday moments of days like this one. Because even the ordinary days are moments to remember and no matter what the season, you’ll be glad you chose to document the memory.

Shooting tip: the outdoor images above were shot in the open shade beneath very tall trees. Notice the light… it’s directional but very soft, perfect for the girl’s youthful glow. It’s like nature’s version of a big softbox (read: studio lighting). I prefer to use natural available light whenever possible. Even when we moved inside for the final shots (below), Josephine was positioned beneath a skylight for that somewhat more dramatic but still soft lighting.

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